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Know Me by Twentyfour64
Know Me (2009)
Label: Independent

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Necessity To Know by Twentyfour64

Verse 1:
Look around! Look around! Our equals are awaiting.
Those with ties underground, struggling now to be released

Though stones are thrown, integrity will not allow!
And our backbones swore not to let the rocks cry out!

Verse 2:
A broken branch wonders how, singly he could be of help (can I be of help?)
As the roots tell all, of reprieve for existing droughts


Now Your mysteries become known; realize this world is not home
Holding hope of soaring soon…
I can feel the weight of this inner longing to reveal
Heavy as I hold this mic; I can hear you listening
And I must tell you! Necessity for you to know!
All your hurts and your fears dissolve in His love!




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