Switchfoot Interrobang


fantasy (2021)
Switchfoot Livin' On A Prayer

Livin' On A Prayer

Independent (2019)
Livin' On A Prayer
Switchfoot Native Tongue

Native Tongue

Fantasy (2019)
Let It Happen
Native Tongue (Top 5)
Switchfoot Where The Light Shines Through

Where The Light Shines Through

Vanguard (2016)
Switchfoot Fading West

Fading West

Atlantic (2013)
Let It Out (Top 5)
Love Alone Is Worth The Fight (Top 5)
When We Come Alive (Top 5)
Switchfoot Vice Verses

Vice Verses

Atlantic (2011)
Dark Horses (Top 5)
The Original (Top 5)
Switchfoot Hello Hurricane

Hello Hurricane

Atlantic (2009)
Bullet Soul (Top 5)
Mess of Me (Number 1)
The Sound
Switchfoot Oh! Gravity

Oh! Gravity

Sparrow (2006)
Awakening (Number 1)
Oh! Gravity (Number 1)
Switchfoot Nothing Is Sound

Nothing Is Sound

Sparrow (2005)
Stars (Number 1)
We Are One Tonight (Number 1)
Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown

The Beautiful Letdown

Sparrow (2003)
Dare You To Move (Top 5)
Meant To Live (Top 5)
This Is Your Life (Number 1)
Switchfoot Learning To Breathe

Learning To Breathe

Re:think (2000)
Learning To Breathe (Top 5)
You Already Take Me There (Top 5)
Switchfoot New Way To Be Human

New Way To Be Human

re:think (1999)
I Turn Everything Over
New Way To Be Human (Number 1)
Something More (Number 1)
Switchfoot The Legend of Chin

The Legend of Chin

re:think (1997)
Chem 6A
Ode To Chin