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Learning To Breathe by Switchfoot
Learning To Breathe (2000)
Label: Re:think

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You Already Take Me There by Switchfoot

When all I have is on the floor divided, divided,
When I'm a world away from peace.
Behind Your eyes is where I know I'll find it, I'll find it,
'Cause who You are defines my dreams.

You already take me there,
Heaven in the here and now.

When I'm a broken-hearted man complacent, and tired,
When I've been knocked out of the race.
I've been a fool for long enough to fight it, to fight it,
It's in Your arms I find my peace.


Where I lose myself in grace,
(Where I'm lost and found),
I want to lose myself in your grace,
Let Your love reign down all over me, and cover me.



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