Kutless Words of Fire

Words of Fire

BEC (2022)
Words of Fire (Top 5)
Kutless Surrender


BEC (2015)
Bring It On
Kutless Glory


BEC (2013)
Never Too Late
You Alone (Top 5)
Kutless Believer


BEC (2012)
If It Ends Today (Top 5)
Need (Number 1)
Kutless It Is Well

It Is Well

Tooth & Nail (2009)
Remember Me
Kutless To Know That You're Alive

To Know That You're Alive

Tooth & Nail (2008)
The Feeling (Top 5)
To Know That You're Alive
Kutless Hearts of the Innocent

Hearts of the Innocent

Tooth & Nail (2006)
Shut Me Out (Top 5)
Somewhere In The Sky
Winds of Change
Kutless Strong Tower

Strong Tower

Tooth & Nail (2005)
Draw Me Close
Strong Tower (Top 5)
Kutless Sea of Faces

Sea of Faces

Tooth & Nail (2004)
Treason (Number 1)
All Alone
It's Like Me
Let You In
Not What You See
Sea of Faces (Top 5)
Kutless Kutless


Tooth & Nail (2002)
Pride Away
Run (Number 1)
Tonight (Top 5)
Your Touch (Number 1)