DC Talk
DC Talk Let's Roll

Let's Roll

TMB (2002)
Let's Roll (Number 1)
DC Talk Solo


Forefront (2001)
40 (Live)
DC Talk Intermission - The Greatest Hits

Intermission - The Greatest Hits

Forefront (2000)
Say The Words (Now)
DC Talk Jesus TV Soundtrack

Jesus TV Soundtrack

Forefront (2000)
Spirit In The Sky
DC Talk Exodus


Rocketown (1998)
My Will
DC Talk Jesus Freak Single

Jesus Freak Single

Forefront (1995)
I Wish We'd All Been Ready
Jesus Freak (Gotee Remix)
DC Talk Free At Last

Free At Last

Forefront (1992)
Jesus Is Just Alright
Luv Is A Verb
Time Is