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Great Lengths by The Protest
Great Lengths (2014)
Label: Independent

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Vicious Cycle by The Protest

It never ends the screams that echo inside me
Where can I find some rest or peace of mind?
I'm so alone and I'm falling to my knees
Just one more day and I don't think I'll survive
My heart is tiring from carrying this heavy load
It's just so sickening the way I let myself go
I crave release and a chance to seal my fate
But I've caused so much pain is it too late?

It goes on and on it never ends
I climb out but then I fall back down again
The gears keep turning and I'm starting to fade
We're in the fight of our lives, this vicious cycle must break
Verse 2:
Where does it end? I'm sick of running in circles
I'm fighting hard to keep my demons at bay
Lost in the war and this fear is internal
No one can see the pain that's on my face

This aggravation is so constant and so cruel
I've got the key inside but still I let it rule
All my attempts at breaking free have been in vain
And my confidence is broken and I'm losing strength

I hear a voice (It's calling to me)
And it's calling to me
And it offers a choice (offers a choice)
To live or die



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