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Wake Up by Pocket Change
Wake Up (1999)
Label: Visual

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Unite To Fight by Pocket Change

I look around and what do I see
A country the way it's not supposed to be
Why do we sit back and let them take control
Just stand together and take a hold

Unite to Fight - all those who believe
Unite to Fight - we must save our country
Unite to Fight - taking back what is ours
Unite to Fight - we have to take back the power

A constant battle we face everyday
But God is with us he provides a way
Let stand together and shout his name
Just stand for Christ and have no shame

A crippled nation that we live in
A government that has turned to sin
A mockery is the U.S of A.
Demoralization in wide array

We're in a battle to save our rights
And we can't go down with out a fight
Fighting for freedom is our game
Standing together to spread Christ's name



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