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Unbreakable by Fireflight
Unbreakable (2008)
Label: Flicker

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Unbreakable by Fireflight

Where are the people that accuse me?
The ones who beat me down and bruise me
They hide, just out of sight
Can't face me in the light
They'll return, but I'll be stronger

God i want to dream again
Take me where I've never been
I want to go there
This time I'm not scared
Now I am unbreakable
It's unmistakable
No one can touch me
Nothing can stop me

Sometimes it's hard to just keep going
But faith is moving without knowing
Can I trust what I can't see
to reach my destiny?
I want to take control, but I know better

Forget the fear, it's just a crutch
That tries to hold you back and turn your dreams to dust
All you need to do is just trust
(trust, trust,trust)



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