Fireflight Keep Your Head Up

Keep Your Head Up

Rockfest (2021)
Keep Your Head Up
Fireflight Who We Are

Who We Are

Rockfest (2020)
Who We Are (Top 5)
Fireflight Die Free

Die Free

Keep It Loud (2018)
Die Free (feat. Kevin Young) (Top 5)
Fireflight I Won't Look Back

I Won't Look Back

Keep It Loud (2018)
I Won't Look Back (Top 5)
Fireflight Innova


Independent (2014)
I've Got The Power
Out Of My Head
Resuscitate (Top 5)
Safety (Top 5)
Fireflight Now


Flicker (2012)
Now (Top 5)
Stay Close (Number 1)
Stronger Than You Think (Top 5)
Fireflight For Those Who Wait

For Those Who Wait

Flicker (2010)
Desperate (Number 1)
For Those Who Wait (Number 1)
What I've Overcome (Top 5)
Fireflight Unbreakable


Flicker (2008)
Stand Up (Number 1)
The Hunger (Number 1)
Unbreakable (Number 1)
You Gave Me A Promise (Number 1)
Fireflight Healing of Harms

Healing of Harms

Flicker (2006)
Attitude (Top 5)
Waiting (Top 5)
You Decide (Number 1)