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The Beauty Of The Unknown by Justifide
The Beauty Of The Unknown (2002)
Label: Ardent

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To Live by Justifide

What is there left to say?
Your mind's made up today,
I'd just be wasting all my breath on you
To make you understand when it's right in front of you,
I think you can see, you can see

So reach up, take his hand and see him,
change your life around
That's all I want for you,
is to live, to actually live

And you wonder why you can't stop thinking about him,
if he exists, cuz he exists
If what I say is true or isn't,
am I hitting or am I missing it, you still have to choose,
You still have to choose

I'm not the one who's speaking to you now
Your heart is calling out
And the fire is burning, now more than ever before
And you know that it won't go away



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