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Wake Up by Pocket Change
Wake Up (1999)
Label: Visual

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Take Charge by Pocket Change

So many questions that I ask myself
Why can't my life just go my way?
What do i gain from my agony?
What is my purpose in life today?
A daily struggle to control my mind
A daily struggle to stay ahead
Now I know there's no explanation
For my problems, it's just left unsaid

Take charge of your life
Give God your problems
Put an end to your strife
Take charge, show the way
Do all you can
You might not have another day

I make so many excuses for myself
In my attempt to cover sin
I find myself joining into ungodliness
Sometimes I just try to fit in
I can't let them take over my life
I've just got to take charge of it
Put God in front, and leave the world behind
Endure through trials and never quit



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