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Wake Up by Pocket Change
Wake Up (1999)
Label: Visual

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Sometimes by Pocket Change

Sometimes life just doesn't make sense
Sometimes life can really hurt
When you give so much of yourself
And you still can't make it work.

I tried so hard to please you
I wanted so much for us
I'll never understand the reason
Why you couldn't put God first

Sometimes it's best to say goodbye
Sometimes when we don't know why
I know God has his reasons
But still my heart wants to cry

I never thought that I could care
I could care so much for you
I never felt that way before
I thought our love could pull us through

But we've had a falling out now
We must go our separate ways
I just pray that you'll have God's blessing
And find his will for your life today

I sit here waiting for that girl
One special girl God has for me
I know I'll find her in my life
And she will love and care for me



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