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Write My Story by Air Five
Write My Story (2006)
Label: Independent

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Open Season by Air Five

I'm not dead, but I've been better
She broke my heart with a scented letter
And I'm tired of all my friends saying
Everything will be alright

The more I try the less I understand it
It's almost like she kind of even planned this
Entirely from the start
And I'll never get to sleep tonight

Could it be there's more than meets the eye?
Could it be a blessing in disguise?
A fresh start masquerading as a goodbye

Break my heart it's open season
Take your shot give me a reason
To move on cause I've had enough
I'm going crazy baby
So blissfully unaware
That I'm a prisoner to my greatest fear
I want out, I want out
I want out of here

Six weeks she's getting lonely
The phone rings she says if only
I give her another shot
She would make it all up to me

Sounds nice
And though I'm slightly tempted
I still recall the burden that was lifted
When you gave me the boot before
Girl I've never felt so free

A hot girl and she's throwin herself at me
Is this a chance to test my sanity
I can't forget the way things used to be

Could it be that I'm not ready yet
Could it be that I just can't forget
Could it be that I won't let it go
Could it be i don't want her to know



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