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Am I Pretty by Skypark
Am I Pretty (1998)
Label: Word

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My Mirror by Skypark

well, i get a little nervous
when she comes around
i guess i'm insecure
see, she takes my breath away
when she looks into my mirror

that's my mirror, leave me alone
if you wanna see something
look at your own
that's my mirror, leave me alone
if you wanna breathe something
breathe your own

old man smirking, he's looking down
and i'm feeling like i'm in the way
well, we're standing together but we're worlds apart
and i'm searchin' but there ain't nothing to say

well, i'm working my tail off at my 9 to 5
and something just ain't going quite right
well, my boss is steaming and he's shaking his head
and he's looking I'd and he's looking at me
and he's looking like he wants to fight
excuse me, man...



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