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The Wedding by The Wedding
The Wedding (2005)
Label: Rambler

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Morning Air by The Wedding

I used to hold you close,
But now your picture frames
They're the closest you will ever be to me
And I rejoice at our dismissal
Like I've finally been set free
And now our pictures drift
They drift farther
And farther and farther away
And the pieces of our
Relationship become nothing more
Than curbside clutter
Than curbside clutter

So I'll kiss the morning air and fly away
Fly away from here today, today, today
And I'll kiss the morning air and fly away
Fly away from here today

You better take a seat, yeah, stay a while
I'm about to wear you out
And I'm not afraid to tell
You what this is all about
Now the world around me is slowly blending together
Like a wheel of colors
Are we so different you and I
Are we so different you and I
You loved me, and I loved you not
There's the door
Don't let it hit you on the way out

I got it all planned out,
I'll drive out to the edge of your yard
And we'll rip our tear drenched photographs apart
And watch them drift over the rooftops of this lonely southern town

Now I don't care,
If you cry for an entire year
But by then I hope you can make your peace



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