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Soul Fire by Christafari
Soul Fire (1994)
Label: Gotee

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Listening by Christafari

So it seems sometimes that I grow weary
And that the world around will overtake me
And all the things I pray
Just seem to float away
As I stand alone and dream of You

For Your voice to tell me
Where I should go
For Your Word to teach me
The wisdom I should know
For Your light to shine the way
Through the darkest night
For comfort and love
To feel all right

So I'm listening for Your voice
To softly call my name
I'm listening for Your voice
To help me on my way
Yes I am listening for Your voice
I long to hear You say
"My child I've come
And here I'll stay"

It is the still small voice the man listens for
Sometimes He shouts
More times He whispers

For there are times in life
I feel quite empty
And there are times
When nothing will prevent me
From striving day to day
Trying to find a way
To a love I can only find in You
Yeah, You

In moments when I find it hard to hear You
Through the distractions of the world
I'm on my knees
And begging You, Lord, please?
I find the solution in Your Word

I want you to listen
The tear from my eye well
Shines and glistens
God's Word is sweet as honey
And it heals as medicine
It soothes my soul
What the pastor says to do
He also speaks
Through your brothers and sisters
And the mind of Christ in you
So I want you to listen
And listen cleanly
With God's all-seeing eyes
You will see clearly
That your day-to-day life
Is just prophecy
To be fulfilled by God Almighty



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