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The Real Me by Downpour
The Real Me (2000)
Label: Rustproof

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Lesson In Falling by Downpour

Here I am once again
Growing weak
I wish that You would speak
You know my courage is so fake
Please hold my hands, my hands
So they won't shake

I know what it feels like to fall
'Cause I've done it so many times
But You are there through it all
To pick me up again

Eyes closed, ears plugged
I use denial like a drug
A drug, a drug, a drug, a drug
I want to be where You are
But I could never reach that far
So I take a chance
Stop the charade
I've fallen before and I'm not afraid

The battle's over in my soul
I've finally found my way to go
I feel You rushing through my veins
I leave behind my chains

Just when I thought my life was through
I found true life by living in You
And when I'm lost, alone, afraid
You're there to help me find my way



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