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Alien Youth by Skillet
Alien Youth (2001)
Label: Ardent

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Kill Me, Heal Me by Skillet

Break my bones and reset me
Piece by piece you break me
Pick up the cross cause it's killin' time
Hey, hey, hey
How can I scream when the pain is
Such a release, I get the courage
To pick up the nails cause it's killin' time

Kill Me, Heal Me
Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Yeah
Heal Me
Kill me, heal me on and on
Kill Me, Yeah
Heal Me
Kill me, heal me on and on Breathing your love, you're ferocious
You're in my lungs, resuscitate
Craving your electricity
Hey, hey, hey
Feet to my pain, you give
Wings to my fear, your peace
Inhabits my blood, your love is thick


I can't live without it




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