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Unusual by All Together Separate
Unusual (2001)
Label: Ardent

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I'll Rise (Asteroid) by All Together Separate

There is an asteroid that's headed for the crash test
There's a tsunami at its crest but it hasn't crashed yet
There's manifest destiny, explain me to the red man
And what's the one world threat that introduces Armageddon
What's with that lump they found, yo, go check your mom's mammogram
And what's the deal with questions that make you fail history exams
I know about Hitler's thesis why exchange a thief for me
You try to extinguish my inner peace,
But before you burn I'm dying to free you

I bet you wonder why
If there's a God in the sky
Is he just closing his eyes?
But thanks to the fall, I'll rise

Why's the world afraid of snakes, but they're also afraid of you?
Why do they hate your dad because he isn't white, too?
What's the deal with droughts and floods and war and pestilence?
Who convinces governments to execute the innocent?
What is it 'bout the green that makes sinners and saints both holler?
What does it profit man to lose his soul and gain a dollar?
I came to give you life and give it more abundantly,
Deny me and defy but I still resolve to set you free



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