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Clouds Over Hollywood by Monday Morning
Clouds Over Hollywood (2004)
Label: Independent

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Dear You by Monday Morning

Is there truth becoming
Away from me
I fear the flames consuming
Could it be I abandoned your side?
When all required was a Word
Dear You Dear You

How could I leave
How could I try
To hide from you what burns inside
The change I've lived
The Love that cried
The part of me that died that night

Well you could be
The undoing of me
I can sleep
Awake at the thought
Of you knowing
Something showing
Truth amidst the lies
Disguise and compromise
And I scream…
Dear You Dear You


Could you see
How much that you mean to me
I'm sorry
I let you slip away
From all that you could be
Why didn't I say
Dear You Dear You


This debt I can't repay
Your memory won't fade
It haunts me everyday
How I walked away



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