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Can't Stop The Rock The Stryper Collection by Stryper
Can't Stop The Rock The Stryper Collection (1991)
Label: Hollywood

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Can't Stop The Rock by Stryper

Verse 1
I'm hearin' people talkin' Sayin' things that just ain't true Thinkin' that they know what we've been through

Verse 2
They say that we've been walkin' Away from what we started to do But we still want our message to get through

We're soldiers under command Gonna sing it loud and clear He's the rock that makes me roll Turn it up, we want you to hear

Can't stop the rock Can't stop the rock

Verse 3
Playin' in this rock band Tryin' to make a stand Hasn't been an easy thing to do

Verse 4
Travelin' 'cross this land Tryin' to make people understand We've got the right to rock 'em how we choose


Repeat Chorus



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