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Alien Youth by Skillet
Alien Youth (2001)
Label: Ardent

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You Are My Hope by Skillet

Times are hard, times have changed
Don't you say
But I keep holding on to you
It's hard to keep the faith alive day to day
Leaning on the strength I've found in you

You are my hope
You are my strength
You're everything, everything I need
You are my hope
You are my life
You are my hope
You are my hope

Far beyond what I can see or comprehend
Etching your eternity in me
Nations scream and angels sing, "Jesus Reigns"
And every knee bows down
You're the hope of all the earth CHORUS

Carry on and I sing of how
You love and I love you now
All the times that I start to sink
You come and you rescue me

You are my hope




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