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Facing Changes by Hangnail
Facing Changes (2001)
Label: BEC

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Wrong Is Wrong by Hangnail

Did you ever sneak outside
when you weren't supposed to?
Did you do those things you said
you probably never would do?
We've all told white lies,
and we've not been found out.
Does it make a difference when
your conscience's giving you doubt?

Where do we draw the line to say
what's wrong is wrong
and nothing stands between.
When did they take the line away?
What's wrong is wrong,
and nothing stands between.

The things we often say,
that make it seem OK,
when the possibilities
are right there staring you down.
No matter who you are,
or what you've done so far,
its your responsibility;
our choice makes us who we are.

Chorus 2x

Nothing's in between.



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