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The Waiting by Fighter
The Waiting (1991)
Label: Wonderland

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Wishful Thinking by Fighter

I think there's something going wrong
'Cause I'm on my own
Love seems to slip right through my hands
And I'm all alone
I'm afraid to show you me
'Cause you may not like what you see
There must be something I don't know
You've been hoping
You've been dreaming
You're looking for something strong to hold on to

Hey! Stop your wishful thinking
Turn it around
Try a little faith in God
Hey! Stop your wishful thinking
Turn yourself around

Everyone has a different line
Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine
It's all so hard to figure out
Everyone has a different cure
Sounds so right but I'm not so sure
What is this love thing all about
You've been hoping
You've been dreaming
You're just looking for something strong
To hold on to


I know you're lonely
Though you're so close to love
But you end up running
When push comes to shove
You can't deny it
You've said all you can say
When love comes down don't push it away




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