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Seven Day Jesus by Seven Day Jesus
Seven Day Jesus (1997)
Label: Forefront

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Who I Am by Seven Day Jesus

Don't tell me I'm alone
Don't tell me I'm a freak child
Don't tell me that I
Have to be just like somebody else

you say I don't belong
And though you try to tempt me
I'm never gonna buy into the
Lies you try to sell
I may be strange
But I don't care

* chorus *
I'm gonna be who I am
God made me free, so it's okay
And I don't have to prove anything To you

I know I've got a home
I know I've got a Father
I know there is a love that you
Don't ever have to earn
He'll never turn you away

* chorus *

I've never worn a Versace
But his designer fashioned me
they called Him crazy
so they'll call me crazy, too



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