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Hard Hitter by Liaison
Hard Hitter (1992)
Label: Frontline

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Who Can Heal The Pain by Liaison

It's hard to live when no one seems to stand behind your dreams
You've tried so hard to be someone, but it pushed you to extremes
You're lost with no solution, your pride is crushed again
When will it end?

Who can heal the pain, who can take the hurt away forever
You need to know the name of one who heals the heart and soul together

You've found that life has dealt you a daily dose of pain
Even at your strongest, tell me how can you sustain
The Savior wants to touch you, and heal you as you pray

He can heal the pain, He can take the hurt away forever
Though the scars remain, He can heal your heart and soul together

He knows the roads you've traveled
He can forgive you, there's no doubt He loves you
Don't hesitate to ask Him, He can heal the pain



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