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Any Given Sunday Soundtrack by POD
Any Given Sunday Soundtrack (1999)
Label: Atlantic

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Whatever It Takes by POD

whatever it takes, we gots to separate
whatever it takes, all the trues from the fakes
whatever it takes, this is how we show and prove
whatever it takes, we ain't got nothing to lose
whatever it takes

face to face with aggression, demolish, abolish the opposition
armored to be the stronger and conquer my competition
this ammunition fuels a vision that makes decisions
I told you once before but it's obvious you didnít listen
so listen carefully, for next time you want to quote me
and take my advice, would be wise to not oppose me
and learn your lesson, head this class into over-session
failed the testing, you had no idea with whom your messing

transforming the mindset, but how quickly do those forget
one hundred miles and running ain't even broken a sweat
until the death, we won't settle for nothing less
no need to creep, you knew we was coming, but still you slept
but it's time to rise, unleash the spirit from deep inside
acting like you was down now that these two worlds collide
better recognize, staring at me because you shook
whatever it takes, is what it took

this is our house
this is where we live
and ain't nobody gonna mess with us
in our house



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