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Extreme Days Soundtrack by Jamie Rowe
Extreme Days Soundtrack (2001)
Label: Forefront

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We're Taking Over by Jamie Rowe

Hey Kid Rock -n-Roll
You're starring in a one man show
Ya stand alone when your living out your dream.

Hey Kid don't ya know
Ya' still gotta long long way to go
Reality in a land of make believe.

When it's all coming down at a rapid pace
Will it knock you on your face?
Then you say..
We're Takin' Over
And the point of it all already made
And it carries you away
Still you say..
We're Takin' Over

(Mooki's Rap)

Hey Kid here ya go
There ain't no turning back you know
And breakin' down's never been your cup of tea
Don't fade Stand your ground
Scream out to the faceless crowd
That "I won't go!...
I won't let go!"


Don't bow to what isn't true
Don't be divided in two
Just keep pushin'
Just keep pushin'
You've got the spirit of youth
Don't let 'em take it from you
Just keep pushin'
It's revolution



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