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Mimes of the Old West by This Train
Mimes of the Old West (1998)
Label: Organic

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We're Getting Nowhere (Fast) by This Train

We know that what we're doing
Doesn't make much sense
And we don't mind if you get all your
Laughs at our expense
We're saving up our treasures
'Til we reach the other side
We'll get along just fine
We ain't as cute as Toby, Mike or Kevin
But if the last shall be the first
We'll be the biggest stars in heaven
But for now we have to open for the opening band
Move into the guest room
Hope our parents understand

We're getting nowhere fast
We're never gonna last
Our fifteen minutes got us about three and a half
And maybe someday we'll look back
On all of this and laugh
We're getting nowhere fast

We don't care if we get rich or famous in this band
And so far the whole world is playing right into our hand
We don't look to MTV like it's the Holy Grail
We've only begun to fail
The One-Hit Wonders laugh at us
'Cause at least they had a hit
Classic underachievers, man
We freely admit
But living in a crummy yard beats sitting on the fence
We'll just keep on going 'til we learn to take a hint

We're getting nowhere fast
We're never gonna last
We're gonna go for the bronze
And fly our banners at half mast
No time like the present to start living in the past
We're getting nowhere fast

This Train is here, hope you enjoy it
'Cause This Train is bound for unemployment
We're getting



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