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Just Say Jesus by 7eventh Time Down
Just Say Jesus (2013)
Label: BEC

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Wait For You by 7eventh Time Down

Everybody's tryin to tell me
That we don't even stand a chance
People act like they don't even hear me
When I tell em that you're coming back

My friends say that I'm crazy
For putting faith in things I can't see
I know they see the change in me
Why don't they believe, it kills me...

Until my bones collapse
I'm never giving up on you
Until the day you get back
I will wait for you
My days are numbered
But my heart is stronger
Until my bones collapse
I will wait for you

It's kinda like you got your own ringtone
And I'm sittin by the phone
Waiting for you to call
And say we're going home
Let's roll...

And when it all comes down
It breaks my heart
That they don't believe



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