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Tales of Wonder by WhiteHeart
Tales of Wonder (1992)
Label: Star Song

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Vendetta by WhiteHeart

Count the locks upon your door
Guess Beaver doesn't live here anymore
A gun for me, a gun for you
Now they're killing people for their tennis shoes
Young and old share the fear
A violent streak is running everywhere
It's hard to say how it got this way
Feel the anger burning
Holy anger rising up in you
What should we do

Vendetta against the raging world
Vendetta against the lies we've heard
Vendetta led by love not hate
It's the only way the pattern breaks

Quietly we lose the hope
While the media pushes the envelope
Hear the warning cries, the siren's blare
I wonder do we love enough to care

Care enough to stand
Heal this broken land
And love the lost at any cost

(Repeat chorus)



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