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Hard Hitter by Liaison
Hard Hitter (1992)
Label: Frontline

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Up At Night by Liaison

I punch my pillow and turn it over again
Big thoughts keep moving through this tiny brain
Sleep ain't happening again tonight
Some things within me aren't right

Does His anger hide His compassion
Has His promise failed for all time
Where is His mercy, has His love left forever
It's a hurting world, this can't be right

It keeps me up at night
It keeps me up at night
It keeps me up at night
It keeps me up at night

Rest is waiting if I endure
To get some answers, I've not been sure
I shook my memory out of a daze
Now it burns me like a fiery blaze

That I keep getting caught in confusion
When my eyes aren't at rest on your Word
Your works I'd forgotten but now I remember
You speak so softly but tonight I've heard



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