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High Flight Society by High Flight Society
High Flight Society (2007)
Label: RKT

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Once lost but now I've found
The hope I've been without
And all this time, all I could want and more
Was by my side, I never have been so sure

If it were not for grace
I would have been passed over
Left alone with all of my wrongs

Up above the world we seem to be
With everything he gave
We are young
And up above the problems of their world
There's no way I would trade what we've got

Awakened by the sound
Of realization coming down
To meet me where
I never thought I could leave
To take me there and open my eyes to see

Take it, take all of me
Take all of me
I'll give, give everything
I'll give everything
Take it, take all of me
I'll give, give everything
Taken, you've taken me there

Up above



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