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Collide by Skillet
Collide (2003)
Label: Ardent

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Under My Skin by Skillet

When I feel You close to me
It's easy to believe
To the depths and back again
To find that I'm still needing

Feel the fear dissipate when You are everything You are
Feel my soul come awake
You carry me away

When I hurt, when I bleed
You're holding me
Feel You scratching at the surface
Under my skin
Oh under my skin
Oh under my skin

Oh the sweet serenity
I'm beautifully addicted
You are more than I can take
I crave You undiluted

You calm the ache, I come awake
When You are everything You are
Feel the fear dissipate
You carry me away

Could I be lost, could I dissapear
Could I be lost, would You find me here
Could I be lost in a secret place
Could I rest in the shadow of Your face
Oh the sweet serenity, beautifully a part of me



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