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Pick It Up by Hokus Pick
Pick It Up (1992)
Label: Word

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Turn Around In Circles by Hokus Pick

In the book you read it
But you just can't see it
Throw the pages in the fire
And you'll just see them burn
It's a game you're playing
And I've heard what you're saying
But it's not the kind of lesson
That you're likely to learn

Turn around in circles
Turn around in circles
Turn and find your way back home

It's a joke - the rat race
I can see it in your face
Working hard to get somewhere
You don't want to be
Buy the house, the Mercedes
And impress all the ladies
But there's more to life than money
And that's what you must see

Settle down, stop turning
'Cause I know what you're yearning for
Stop for just a minute
And focus your eyes
And you'll find your desire
From the page in the fire
Standing on the stone
With the sun in the sky



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