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Transparent by Broomtree
Transparent (1999)
Label: Rustproof

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Transparent by Broomtree

We like to hide behind the walls we make of ourselves
We like to think that we're strong without any help.
We try to be just as thick as we think we should be
So the weakness inside (we think) won't be seen.
We need to show each other honesty and charity andů


Let the whole world see our transparency.
Where the words we speak are the lives that they see,
And in troubled times show the peace that we find
Through His spirit in us and His hand in our lives.

We like to make up our minds on what we believe
We like to give out advice but seldom receive.
When will we learn to accept the grace that He gives?
And let our worship be shown in the lives that we live?

We need to show each other honesty and charity andů




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