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Carolina Moon by Glenn Kaiser Band
Carolina Moon (2001)
Label: Grrr

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well i'm carryin' a torch
carryin' a torch from above
iím carryin' the torch, Lord
carryin' a torch from above
i got good, good news
ain't nothiní gonna stop this love

oh, there's a fire in my bones
there's a flame in my heart, got to give
fire in my bones
got such a love to give
oh, the stone rolled away
we can live because He lives
He lives
(carryin' a torch for ya)

i'm alive by Your kindness
yeah i am healed by the gift of faith
filled with Your fire
i am livin' in mercy and grace
i'm as sure as can be
one day i'm gonna see Your face
see Your face
carryin' a torch
of Your love
carryin' the torch
torch of Your love



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