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Walkin' In Faith by Angelica
Walkin' In Faith (1990)
Label: Broken

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Time and Time Again by Angelica

I see the blind sittin' beside me
Eyes filled with a life full of grief
I know you've no control
But what do you say
I see the world sign in beside him
With hearts just as hard and empty
Life without a goal
You know you've no control of your destiny

You've heard it all before
Even now you've seen the score
Time and time again
You've seen it all before
Still you hear the roar
Time and time again

I hear deaf talkin' around me
Mind's corrupt hearing only empty lies
I know you've no desire
I see there's no desire
What can I say
I hear the world fall in behind him
One way trip straight to hell
Life without the Lord
You know you've no control of eternity


I wanna say just one more time here
Set it straight once again
So you don't go unaware
For your soul I really care
Now listen to me
Jesus Christ atoned for sacrifice
For all those who believe
You must be born again
Free yourselves from sin
Now what do you say



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