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Crackerjack by Flight 180
Crackerjack (1998)
Label: BEC

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Tick Tock by Flight 180

Tick tock
Here's what's up doc
Please take a seat because
I think you'll be shocked
At the news I'm about to tell you
Yes, it's true
You've got assiduous blues, boy
You're buying back time
No more dancing and rhyme
There's only one way
Why not make it today?
'Cause it's true
You've got assiduous blues, yeah

Hey, now take this simple clue
You've got the lazy, hazy nothing-to-do's
God's still waiting
His heart's still aching
For you to make the move
And rid those assiduous blues

Tick tock
Just look at the clock
You're one step away
From just making that change
I once too
Had those assiduous blues, boy
You're running the mill
And it's all uphill
Won't you see the light
Just surrender your will
Don't refuse, no don't refuse
Rid those assiduous blues, yeah

Hey, hey, hey
What are you waiting for now?
Hey, hey, well,
There's no use delaying anymore now
Hey, hey, time is just a-wasting
Rid those assiduous blues

Those assiduous blues



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