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The Strangest Day by Jonah33
The Strangest Day (2005)
Label: Ardent

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This Is It (You Instead of Me) by Jonah33

Because I'm playing for keeps
This time around, I'm in too deep
To think about faling down and giving up again
I want to live each day just like it wasy my last chance to prove
You're all I have and that is all I need

This is it, it's what we're waiting for
This is it, it's all we're fiting for
I finally get a chance to show the world what you have done for me
So let this moment be You insteand of me

Tired and bruise, every broken bone reminds me that I'm far from home
And these scars remind me who I am
But you're the one, the reason that I run
And I won't stop until you're done
You're the only hope I have

I've counted the cost and I know
Everything that really matters is everything worth fighting for!



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