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We're Only Human by Versus Angels
We're Only Human (2013)
Label: Mosiac Artistry Group

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This Fire Was Meant For Us Both by Versus Angels

When we crash we burn.
The ashes float and the music starts to die.
But you believed in the melody, she could see it in your eyes.
If I'd have known the deadly rope that was wrapped around your veins.
I'd make it stop, the aches and knots, just to save her all the pain.

Ch 1
There's a fire. It's burning me. Burning skin to my bones It burns higher, this fire, has seemed to lose all control Well I've suddenly realized what you didn't want to know.
That this fire was meant for us both.

So truth be told, you've left a hole the size of Texas in her chest.
And I know that we have never met, but I feel I know what's best.
I'll never be the enemy. I'll protect her how I should.
So don't break a sweat. I'll keep her safe and sound just like you would. Just like you would!

She's so angry.
I'm still here for her tonight.
Well just maybe she'll let it go and try to make it right.
Save those tears child,
One day you will meet again.
Till that day comes I'll hold your head



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