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When The World Is Wonderful by Blisse
When The World Is Wonderful (2001)
Label: Crucible

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The Way You Are by Blisse

Until you came I was just the same
As everybody else
Who saw the light and turned the other way
You love me now
You loved me then
And every now and again
You show me how it would be
If I'd gone the other way

After all this time I've come to find my souls fragility
But you have rectified my frailty by your strength

It's like the sun swallowed up by the earth
Like atomic bombs in reverse
As if the glass could contain the sea
That's the way you are in me

Now here I stand
Looking back to the way things used to be
But I will never be alone again
You're with me
And now I see what it means to me
To be apart of such a mystery



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