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Testimony by Dale Thompson
Testimony (1997)
Label: Organic

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The Road Less Traveled by Dale Thompson

The snow fell like butterflies
The air was bitter cold
I crossed the sugar tree field
Warmed my bones in a worm hole
Fire by night, I got a cloud by day
I don't regret one minute along the way

Road less traveled
Road less traveled
Road less traveled
Jesus lead me home

When the evening sun
Starts sinking low
I count my many blessings upon the road
Many lay by the wayside
'Cause the journey is long
Lost in their aching heart
Is desire to move on

Good morning mule skinner
I'm gonna move on
Mockingbird be singing
That I'm not alone
When I enter that city
Gonna pave it with gold
Pearly gates opened wide
Take me to my home

Sky opened up
And that rain began to fall
Ushering in the crops
As the willows are tall
Down by the water's course
Remember from where I came
Dip my hat in a pool
I must be on my way



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