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Closer To Complete by Send The Beggar
Closer To Complete (1999)
Label: Rustproof

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The Presence of God by Send The Beggar

the presence of God
empties my thoughts, and lets all of love fall into me
and all the things, i felt were so important
really aren't important when i give them to You
there's no need to speak
there's no need to hear
my sight could only blind me so
i relinquish my life, and forget how i feel
and i will know that You are God and

i will, be still

And I feel You all around me, You surround me, You bring peace beyond compare

the presence of God
just like a flood, covering everything that hurts
i am so clean, and i am so cleansed
where could i begin to tell You i love You
there's no word that could
there's no sound that can
my tongue would only stumble so
i fall to my face and lift up my hands
and i will know that You are God

i will be still before you



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