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The Narcissist Single by Harvest Bloom
The Narcissist Single (2011)
Label: Independent

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The Narcissist by Harvest Bloom

Verse 1
Masquerading, you're conflicted
Who will you be today?
So confused, you're self- tormented
And there's only you to blame
You run away hiding, nothing to say

You're walking the line between
Your own misery and desperation
Turn Around, It's not too late
Forsake this game, before it destroys you

Verse 2
Superficial friends they whisper
Affirmations in your ear
When you're lost and down in trouble
Look around and no one's near
Forget they left you stranded, out in the cold

Verse 3
Wake from this delusion
You've been asleep for quite some time
Release the fear that traps you
Your empty lies



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