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The Toughest No-Brainer Yet by Sundry
The Toughest No-Brainer Yet (2000)
Label: True Tunes

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The Drive by Sundry

Twenty-eight miles to go.
What do I have to show?
Everybody says I canít go home again.
What do they think they know?
Eighteen miles to go.
It wasnít that long ago.
Will she believe the new? Can we release the old?
Maybe weíll take it slow.
Another half mile. Will she smile?
Another quick prayer. Will she be there?
Remember the time she found me faithless.
Isnít it strange how people change in the Light?
The driveway, the doorbell.
Slowly she opens and she smiles. She smiles.
People change in the Light. I changed in the Light.



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