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Open All Nite by Big Tent Revival
Open All Nite (1996)
Label: Forefront

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The Best Thing by Big Tent Revival

I know the road you're on and where it's leading to
There ain't no coming back if you make it through
It'll cost you everything with nothing to show for it
And if you want it better, child
Here's your chance to go for it

The best thing in life is definitely free
The best thing in life is good for you and me

One thing's for certain, I have been taught
The key to heaven just can't be bought
Cause the standard is perfection, and we are all short of it
In came Jesus, and he was above it

Jesus on the cross, paid the penalty
And offers back to us, life eternally
The choice is up to you, just remember this
No matter what you've done, Jesus, He forgives



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