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The Strangest Day by Jonah33
The Strangest Day (2005)
Label: Ardent

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Tell Me by Jonah33

All of my sincere apologies
Have been redirected unto you
It seems our halos have become
Simply loopholes that we use
For redirection, of our imperfection

Tell me
Is there something I can do
For you
To help you change your view
And say
I am not the enemy
Tell me, tell me, tell me

It appears you’ve become so content
In handing out your stubborn judgments
So show and tell your benefits
Of your beliefs and negligence
Cause not so long ago you used to be the one you hate


A broken trust, and a broken life
Create in you a twisted lie
Take a second glance at what you
Can fit inside of your intellect and tell me
Then how can it be God


I am not your enemy
Tell me



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