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Send The Beggar by Send The Beggar
Send The Beggar (1997)
Label: Rustproof

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Tangled With The Error by Send The Beggar

I want to see You
But this faceless sky is emptier than I
Feel a hollow depth
Under hunger, below breath I
Want to hear You
But I'm growing discontent knowing pain
Worn and bruised I lift
The torn up to the used again

I am asleep if You are awake and
How can I speak when I am this way

I offer up myself
But You do not say a word
With every breath I beg for answers
Tangled with my error

Words make no sound
When I open up my mouth apparently
All my doubting and needing
Are dependent on Your bleeding
And I'd feel better
If You'd tightly tie our wounds together
With empty knees I bring
The strings I stole and slowly severed

I should go so I can pretend
That the wind will catch me, I know
I can't go, I need to know
That Your wind will catch me

Why should I speak if You will not listen
I can't survive on all my intentions
Why can't I see that it's me who's regressing
Would You give me all that I'm missing

And I offer up myself
But I carry everything
And if I'd give it all to You
I know that You would hold me
I offer up myself
But I bury everything
And Your mercy hurts me more
Because I know I hurt You



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