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Supertones Strike Back by Supertones
Supertones Strike Back (1997)
Label: BEC

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Supertones Strike Back by Supertones

Supertones strike back
Just like Leia's father
You hit, we hit back harder
Like Huss and Stephen, I am not afriad to be a martyr
California sun and sky
Slip inside a suit and tie
Chevy rolls up to the house with everybody outside
Gonna get down like we did the day before
Fifty more people be waitin' at teh door
Team against team, let's even the score
If there's fifty people outside
We got room for fifty more
And we're moovin' all smooth and when we get groovin'
We're fresh like salsa and we're fat like juben
You're cranium's cracked from my shaolin attack
Protectt your neck, Supertones strike back

We want this small band to be a big love letter
So we play the ska and it makes us feel better
God's got love for us, so we got love for you
It's your life so what you want to do?

So come on put a glide in your stride, and a dip in your hip
Best back the heck up, cuz' hi[-hop rolls from my lips
I spit when I rap, saliva flies then I sing
God gives me gifts, just look at my ring
Look less at me and look more to Christ
Grace has saved me and His grace will suffice
So I jump fot Jesus, it's Jesus who sees us
Let's get dumb like Beavis, I don't care who sees us
when we hop to hip-hop John Bell gets ill props
You know he can rock socks
Give out love from his soapbox
When we hip-hop nonstop, hippidie, hippde, hop
First I can rock them socks, then I can knock your block
You can't stop this, you can't clock this
You can't dis this, so please don't miss this miss
A van and a road map, keep my life in my backpack
Comin' through your town, Supertones strike back!



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Springfield, MO 65806


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